Japanese Fashion Designer Hiroko Koshino Choose Antares Venezia's necklaces for her 2011 Spring/Summer collection

Japanese Fashion Designer Hiroko Koshino Choose Antares Venezia's necklaces for her 2011 Spring/Summer collection

With an exquisite exhibition at the Trocadéro, Tokyo's fashion lady has masterminded a stunning and superbly elegant blend of art and haute couture. Here, she takes harmony to a new level by intermixing paintings, prints, dresses- and Murano glass jewels by Venetian designer Fulvia Notari.

In order to complete her new 2011 Spring/Summer Collection, Hiroko Koshino - one of Japan's most renowned fashion figures - travelled all the way to Dolo. Located just a stone's throw from Venice, this little town is home to the atelier of Italian designer Fulvia Notari, who - thanks to her Antares Venezia brainchild - has literally breathed new life into Murano glass by making it the star component of her jewellery.

The jewels made a fine display at the Trocadéro in Paris during the latest fashion week, matched with the dresses of Hiroko Koshino's 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

"My necklaces were noticed in Paris in 2008 then we have been collaborating more and more closely ever since" says Fulvia Notari as she reminisces her first call from Japan.

Then came the big turning point: Hiroko Koshino came directly to Dolo. "I was told that Hiroko Koshino wanted to study a series of particular objects to spice up the show she was preparing for the fashion week in Paris. I was really looking forward to meeting her; I love Japanese culture, and her interpretation of it - with that touch of originality stemming from the use of Western elements - is brilliant."

It was one of those unforgettable encounters. "She's very courteous, humble and curious. She even asked me to see the production rejects and shelved materials. She touched everything - I really like that kind of curiosity. And she seemed to know very well what she was looking for. Within a single morning she had chosen a dozen necklaces - some directly from my collections, others made from various elements and parts of other jewels."

It was the first time that Fulvia Notari created jewels based on another person's creativity. " It was a very educational experience - she says - because it forced me to think outside the box and challenge myself. I must admit that some of the necklaces she ordered didn't quite click with me; but when I saw them coupled with the dresses she had conceived, I was dazzled. They were just perfect."

Indeed, to present her 2011 Spring/Summer Collection in Paris, Hiroko Koshino came up with an event-exhibition - a perfect blend between art and fashion.

First she did a series of paintings - some in black and white following the Chinese Suibokuga technique, others in colour and drawing on Vietnam's luxuriant nature. The paintings then became prints and the prints became dresses. And the spectacular exhibition at the Trocadéro in Paris gave a splendid recounting of this transition from painting to fabric and finally to dress, embellished with necklaces from Antares Venezia.

"In her clothes I saw real wearing work of art" concludes Fulvia Notari. "It's exactly what I try to achieve with my jewels."


Fulvia Notari trained in Milan but was "adopted" by Venice. She is the artist designer and driving force behind Antares Venezia. Her drawing-board skills and her close collaboration with Murano's master blowers are where her Murano glass jewellery spings from. Each jewel is a real wearing sculpture. Fulvia's mastery comes from her ability to renew the centuries-old art of Murano glass-working and placing it at the service of design.

Antares Venezia jewellery has been exhibited in prestigious stores around the world: at the Galérie de l'Opéra in Paris; the American Art&Craft Museum in New York; Takashimaya in Tokyo, Trussardi and Alviero Martini in Milan; Palazzo Grassi in Venice; Raku in Capri, and at other stores in Helsinki, Moscow, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney and many more.

Antares Venezia is headquartered in Dolo (Venice, Italy) in Via Cairoli 148. Phone +39 041 5101281 Website: www.antaresvenezia.it

PRESS OFFICE: Mariachiara Bortolotti

Landline +39 02 51820569 - Mobile + 39 347 0896362

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